Sevenoaks Landscape Renovation

View of the completed pergola and outdoor entertainment space at Sevenoaks.

Working under sub contract for Langdale Landscapes, ELD was contracted to provide a multi-space rear landscape design along with a simple open plan front driveway design. Both spaces were tired and had been left under developed for many years with significant weed growth and little hard landscape investment - very much blank canvases.

View of the completed garden landscape design showing the rear planting and patio.
After - Rear
View of the Sevenoaks garden taken at the first site visit.
Before - Rear

Left: After - Rear

Right: Before - Rear


The clients wanted to maintain an open vista to the roadside in keeping with the style of other neighbouring properties, maximising the available parking space with some planting interest / screening and a low boundary wall. The design accommodated all these elements borrowing some of the aesthetics from the main rear design alongside a simple resin bound surface for the driveway. 

The new resin bound driveway and planting created at Sevenoaks.
After - Front
Detail of the wall and planting during construction.
During - Front

Left: After - Front

Right: During - Front


Subtle changes in height across the rear meant the design was able to delineate spaces both visually and practically with changes in height creating separate garden spaces for eating, lounging, shade, open lawn and storage. The main feature of the design was the workmanship on the central retaining and dividing rear stone clad walls with their ‘floating’ bench seating. A practical design with stunning elements for all season use.

The completed stone clad wall with floating benches at Sevenoaks.
Rear - Walling and Floating Benches
The completed pergola at Sevenoaks behind the newly planted Verbenas.
Rear - Planting

Left: Rear - Walling and Floating Benches

Right: Rear - Planting

View of the completed pergola and outdoor entertainment space at Sevenoaks.
Rear - Completed
Construction of the new patio area at Sevenoaks.
Rear - During

Left: Rear - Completed

Right: Rear - During

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