Designing and building a new garden space is no different to renovating, extending or building a house. Working with you, we will take you all the way through the current conditions of your garden space and your brief, into the phases of conceptualisation, build planning and implementation.


After our initial fact-finding conversations, we will discuss your aspirations for the garden - what is and isn’t working currently, your ambitions for your space in terms of use, look and feel.

We will then visit the site to walk through your spaces to get a sense of the project’s complexity and surroundings.

Post the site meeting, we will share our design fee proposal. Our proposal will include general notes regarding what you are looking for in design and build, specific points regarding your brief, ideas you may not have thought of, time scales for the work, outputs from the design package and costs.


Our design process begins with a survey - either an in-house overview survey or a more detailed third-party topographical survey. We take this opportunity to fully assess and inventory your garden spaces and take ground and drone photos.

With all the data in hand, the conceptual work begins - this is where we undertake 70% of the design workload - building in all your features and ideas before we present our initial designs at the first review meeting. From this stage forward, we’ll work collaboratively to revise and iterate the design towards the final master plan (in both 2D and 3D).


Once you approve the design, we start creating the technical documents needed for the build. These documents cover the hard and soft landscaping details, features, construction detailing, quantities, contract administration, sampling, budget and VAT, management, safety, access and waste.


The build begins with scheduling, contract documentation and site commencement. We offer varying levels of support to our clients, including contract administration, milestone visits and project management. We are keen to give our clients as much control over the build as they wish. Alternatively, we can handle all the decision-making, subcontractor payments and site management.