Design submission for the Hampton Court Palace Garden Show

Left: Design submission for the Hampton Court Palace Garden Show



Why is design necessary? 

Design plays a crucial role in almost all our projects at Emerging Landscape Design. Creating accurate, surveyed, scaled renders and drawings helps our clients visualise ideas easily. It also provides a sound technical template for estimating budgets; quantifying materials, plants and landscape contracting.

How does the design process work?

Our design service centres around our clients - we take your brief and work with you collaboratively to design a garden that maximises the potential of your space and that fulfils your requirements. Using our 2D and 3D concept designs, we generate itemised cost estimates for all the work with our trusted local subcontractors. Our initial consultation visit and fee proposal report are free of charge and let you see your exact design fees before you commission us. Once agreed, we’ll be with you till completion, keeping your project on time and budget.

General Advice & Consultations

Our projects start with a call/email introduction to discuss your project. Following that, we’ll arrange an in-person meeting to understand your ambitions and review your garden space. The time here provides us with an opportunity to establish a personal connection and create a good working partnership. We believe the value of creating partnerships is more than simply providing a contracted service; instead creating trusted relationships that last well beyond the project.

Garden & Landscape Design - 2D & 3D Modelling & Rendering

Our designs range from simple 2D designs - for planting plans or a small entertaining areas - to complex, photo-realistic 3D design renders. The project size, complexity and budget usually dictate the type of design our clients receive. Some prefer to see detailed 3D visuals, while others are happy to use their imaginations with 2D designs alone.

Surveying - Outline & Full Topographical

We use our trusted partner, Cadmap, to carry out Topographical Surveys. Smaller or less involved spaces can be surveyed in an outline manner using standard levelling equipment and lasers.

Full Technical/Construction Drawings

Concept designs are a great tool to show how a finished space might look and feel - the most important documents we produce however, are of a less glamorous, technical nature. These drawings set out dimensions, infrastructure planning, levels, construction detailing, specialist feature drawings and lighting - aiding contractors and budget planning.

Planting Specification & Design

Planting Plans require careful thought for individual and group specimens arrangement; their surroundings, maintenance, special features, appearance, flowering seasonality, performance alongside other specimens and what we need from them.


We provide ‘landscape build’ budget calculations using one of our trusted contracting partners for projects with a build phase. 

Material Specification & Quantities

The specification documents we produce in-house provide our contractors with a detailed breakdown of each material, quantities and locations for both hard and soft landscaping projects.

Planning Regulations

We work with architectural firms to provide landscape planning documents for planning applications. We are well-versed with most of the latest Discharge Planning Conditions, Sustainability, Ecology, Planting, Suds, Retention of Existing Features, New Planting both herbaceous and Larger, Fauna protection and accommodation, structures and specialist works.

Contract Documentation

When a project includes a build phase using one of our contracting partners, we can provide ‘landscape build’ contracts (taken from industry-standard JCLI documents).

Project Scheduling

We use visual Gantt charts to plan and highlight the key stages and dependencies for projects.


What happens after the design phase?

Once the design phase is complete, we will provide you with an itemised quotation. We also include alternative costing options that allow you to tailor areas of the design to your budget.

We can provide you with samples or meet you at our chain supply partner showrooms to discuss materials and planting.

Once you are happy with the quotation, we will introduce you to one of our trusted subcontractors (if you have not already met them during the design or budget planning phases). Lastly, our discussions turn to schedule and operational aspects before an agreed start date. 

Structural Surveying

We use our trusted partner, DCS Structural, to carry out structural surveying, inspection or design work packages where we feel their expertise would be beneficial - often when a project involves slope work, retaining structures and specialist hard landscaping construction aspects. 

Landscape & Drone Photography

We can provide specialist ground and drone photography for our projects, which can be invaluable when assessing large or complex sites.

Contractor Landscape Build

We use a trusted pool of subcontractors to deliver projects for clients across the South-East of England and London.

Project Administration or Management

We have PRINCE2® qualified team members who can either run or administer projects depending on the project and client requirements.

Supply Chain Providers

We have relationships with specialist firms that can provide us with hard and soft landscaping materials, advice and additional services when a project requires it. Examples include large specialist pots, water features, fire bowls, outside kitchens, sculptures, balustrade, lighting, electrics, studio and out-building construction, erosion control, slope stabilisation products, planting, aggregates, pergolas and awnings, swimming pools, groundworks and drainage.

On-Site Planting & Soil Care

We offer our clients and contractors advice regarding soil types and planting requirements relating to soil, aggregates and climate conditions that influence them. We will also give guidance on maintenance, composting practices, pest, weed and watering mitigation.