2022 to present

Aldwick Bay Coastal Landscape Project

Visualisation of the landscape design for Aldwick Bay.

The clients were recommended to Emerging Landscape Design (ELD) via a contracting partner. Initially the enquiry was focused solely on a small amount of rear paving renovation with some planting and advice on retaining walls. That initial chat grew into a full conversation regarding the entire landscape and 1 1/2 years later this very large and prestigious project is still growing, being built and designs iterated as information and client preferences evolve. 

Visualisation design of the pool and house at Aldwick Bay.
Rear - Visualisation Design
View of the pool at Aldwick Bay taken on the first site visit.
Rear - Before

Left: Rear - Visualisation Design

Right: Rear - Before

The site is located right on the seafront therefore has particular climatic conditions that influenced the design and the features within the landscape. The effects of salt, a strong coastal breeze and direct sunshine all helped shaped the landscape as well as the types of plants that could thrive in this environment. Every single feature and object that went into the landscape was thought about in reference to these climactic conditions. The inspiration for the concept took elements from Tuscan tree lined estates to Ibizan Villas. Existing Water features and sculptures helped to centre the landscape design and provide visual focal points through-out. The Project is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Visualisation design of the pergola, balustrade and planting at Aldwick Bay.
Rear - Pergola, Balustrade and Planting Design
Detail of joint lines, lighting and paving of the pool steps at Aldwick Bay during construction.
Step Build Detail - Joint Lines, Lighting and Paving

Left: Rear - Pergola, Balustrade and Planting Design

Right: Step Build Detail - Joint Lines, Lighting and Paving

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