Surrey Rear Landscape & Pool Project

Oxted, Surrey - Rear Garden Swim Spa & Terrace Design 2022

ELD was brought in to design this prestigious project via the main contractors, HAB Developments. Initially our planning focused on the limited access to rear (crane for the pool over the main residence) and machinery access via narrow side gates. The design was commissioned in the Spring with landscape work commencing in the summer - which gave us ideal conditions to undertake the majority of the main works albeit with some planning to mitigate the effects of ‘heat’ on the new plants going in (constant watering, shade storage and then irrigation once in). We sub contracted Hydropool for the pool and worked them with to plan delivery, craning and infrastructure requirements.

View of the completed rear pool, patio and planting.
Completed Landscape
Construction of the rear garden terraces.
Build Phase

Left: Completed Landscape

Right: Build Phase

The clients brief was to modernise the outside entertaining spaces, making them more functional, larger, provide better access to the higher lawn spaces beyond, soften with architectural, easy maintenance planting and to incorporate a Swim Spa Pool into the design. ELD was contracted by the clients to run the project in an over-sight/administration capacity - which we did, organising sub contracts, payments, milestone visits, issues and variations as they arose and of course snagging and maintenance once the project was completed. The enlarged space is now a modern, easy to use area of the garden with a new pool - all that remains is to try and keep the lawn alive!

Aerial view of the patio and pool construction taken using a drone.
During The Build
View of the patio and property prior to design and build commencing.

Left: During The Build

Right: Before

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Visualisation of the rear landscape design.

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