Oxted Property Front & Rear Landscape Renovation

Garden flower circles built over the pathway create a focal point.

The clients were recommended to ELD (via a friend) with the intention of re-working both the front and rear landscapes. The front required a much more useable and practical driveway space with visual elements to ‘present’ the front of the property in a better light. The rear had substantial level changes that required a design to bring forgotten spaces back into practical and safe use. 

The completed clean, practical driveway and vegetable garden beds framing the front of the property.
Front Driveway - Complete
View of the driveway as it was before work commenced.
Front Driveway - Before

Left: Front Driveway - Complete

Right: Front Driveway - Before

The masterplan design opened up the front, pushing back the vegetative boundaries, creating a clean gravel and metal edged driveway space on stabilisation matts. Simple, deep front garden beds and pathways framed the front entrance to the property. The rear focused on improving all year round access to the multiple levels via steps and pathways, focus points such as the garden flower circles, planting to soften edges, safety measures and a hidden children’s pathway with curled steps. Maintenance friendly, simple, robust materials with easy to maintain lawn and border spaces. ELD was contracted by the clients to manage the construction project too, which we ended up sub contracting to Gardenscapes who did a terrific job translating the design to the landscape spaces across difficult winter conditions.

Garden flower circles built over the pathway create a focal point.
Rear Landscape Complete
Construction of the hidden stairs built for the children to access the garden.
Rear - Children’s ‘Secret’ Stairs Being Built

Left: Rear Landscape Complete

Right: Rear - Children’s ‘Secret’ Stairs Being Built

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