Surrey Village Spilt Level Landscape Project

Koi pond and stone retaining walls alongside planting.

The clients bought this Oxted, Surrey property with a view to complete residential and landscape renovation. They engaged ELD early in the project allowing for joint planning between the landscape and architectural design elements as well as contracting over-sight - all of which meant they had efficient decision making between those parties in relation to the spaces where the residence met the landscape: drainage, power, lighting, service provisions, design concepts, surface dressings, access points, levels an visuals.

Large seating area with stone paving and sofas.
After - Rear Garden View
View of the site before construction.
Before - Rear Garden View

Left: After - Rear Garden View

Right: Before - Rear Garden View

The brief was quite simple in its wording; to create large family friendly open spaces (mainly of lawn) to replace the secluded, divided and maintenance heavy existing landscape. Added to that, we had to over come a fairly significant level change in two directions which meant a lot of ground work provision to move soil from some parts to others, pathways, entertaining spaces and a client wish of a Koi pond. The design has been added to a few times since 2021 with the addition of a herb garden and hot tub and the clients are thinking of a studio for the rear in 2024.

Large water feature and surrounding planting.
Close Up - Rear Water Feature
Hand-drawn garden design.
The Design

Left: Close Up - Rear Water Feature

Right: The Design

Planting alongside pathways through the garden.
After - Summer Time
Digger on site levelling the landscape during construction.

Left: After - Summer Time

Right: During

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Garden flower circles built over the pathway create a focal point.

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